CASE 580SN WT Backhoe Loader

With a more powerful engine and at nearly 102 inches wide, the 110-hp CASE 580SN WT takes our most popular backhoe loader to a whole new level. It provides greater strength and stability and houses a spacious, upgraded cab with intuitive fingertip controls. More high-performance features that contractors want come as standard, including the responsive PowerDrive transmission, fierce PowerBoost function, fuel-saving ECO Mode, ProControl, and SiteWatch™ Telematics. It can also be configured with Comfort Steer for truck-loading tasks, selectable Auto-Ride Control, and more.

Ideal For:

  • Government / Municipalities
  • Non-Residential Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Snow Removal
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
case 580sn wt


Purpose-Built Performance

Not only does this wide track model provide better flotation, lower ground pressure and enhanced stability, it packs more power with bucket breakout of over 15,000 lb., the N Series’ highest full-height loader lifting capacity of 8,425 lb. and a backhoe lifting capacity of 3,761 lb. (w/Power Lift). A revamped Power Drive direct-drive 6-speed transmission with limited-slip front differential gives greater acceleration and grade ability, and at the touch of a button, Power Boost provides a burst of increased digging force. Other high-performance features include the boom-swinging precision of Pro Control, a speed-selectable Auto-Ride Control, Comfort Steer to save time during loading or stockpiling work, a universal backhoe coupler, factory-installed thumb and SiteWatch Telematics to monitor and maximize your machine’s productivity.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

The 580 Super N WT is counted on for its strength, so it needs as much power as it can get. That’s why the Tier 4 Final FPT engine uses SCR-only technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to meet emission regulations. As an after-treatment system, SCR lets the engine breathe easier and run at peak performance, and there’s no excess fuel burn for regeneration. Simply add DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) at fill-up. Other fuel-saving standard features include ECO Mode, engine Auto-Idle and Auto-Off, which can have their timing adjusted to your preference.

CASE Comfort & Visibility

Cab options keep operators comfortable with a hands-free Bluetooth radio, USB input, premium hand-stitched seat with heat and lumbar support, and more. A low-profile hood allows for greater sightlines to the loader bucket and cabs have floor-to-ceiling windows and opening rear-quarter windows for exceptional visibility, airflow and communication. Backhoe pilot controls and armrests are fully adjustable and loader joysticks feature fingertip controls for intuitive functions such as self-leveling, return-to-dig as well as an FNR switch on Power Drive models so operators can quickly shift directions without letting go of the steering wheel. An LED light package is also available for enhanced nighttime visibility with lower power drain.

Simple Serviceability

On the 580SN WT, you can check engine oil, transmission fluid or coolant, and fill-up the fuel and DEF tank, all from one ground-level spot. Swing-out coolers and a flip-up hood provide easy service access to vital systems, and the Extendahoe® has externally adjustable wear pads for tightening dipper tolerances using simple tools – no shop necessary. Standard battery disconnect and jumpstart terminals provide added security and convenient access, and with SCR, there’s no particulate filter to maintain.


Operator Comfort

  • ROPS/FOPS certified protective canopy
  • Anti-vandalism cover for dash – w/ canopy only
  • Rear fenders extensions;
  • Coat hook w/ garment strap
  • Interior rearview convex mirror
  • Non-suspension seat – 180° swivel – Vinyl
  • 2 in (50 mm) retractable seat belt
  • Cup holder/ storage tray mounted on left-hand fender
  • Right-hand storage compartment w/ lid
  • Gauges:
    • Engine water temperature; Converter oil temperature
    • Fuel level; Tachometer/ hourmeter
    • DEF level
  • Warning lights:
    • Air cleaner restriction
    • Alternator
    • A/C high pressure
    • Cold start
    • Engine oil pressure
    • Hydraulic oil filter bypass
    • Parking brake engagement
    • Low fuel
    • Water in fuel
    • Low DEF
  • Audible alarms w/ diagnostics:
    • Coolant temperature
    • Engine oil pressure
    • Parking brake engagement
    • Converter oil temperature
    • Shuttle engagement/seat position
    • Backup alarm
    • Low DEF
  • Horn Dual switched front and rear


  • FPT F5BFL413B diesel
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction – SCR
  • Full flow engine oil filter
  • Aspirated air cleaner – replaceable dual element dry type with radial seal
  • Fuel filter with water trap
  • Radiator with overflow bottle
  • Antifreeze to -34° F (-37° C)
  • Electronic throttles – foot and rotary hand
  • Self-adjusting belt
  • High Pressure Common Rail computer controlled injection with diagnostic features
  • Engine ECO Mode – Detent on backhoe hand throttle, push button switch on dash
  • Auto Engine Idle
  • Auto Engine Shutdown
  • Auto Protection Shutdown
  • Electronic Fuel Priming


  • PowerDrive S-Type transmission, 4F-4R fully synchronized electronic transmission controller, kick down, transmission disconnect and FNR switch in loader control lever includes auto shift mode and direct drive
  • Front axle:
    • 4WD heavy-duty mechanically driven front axle with 14.0 L x 17.5 tires, limited slip differential and drive shaft guard
  • Rear axle:
    • 4WD heavy-duty outboard planetary drive, with 21.0 L x 24.0 tires
  • Torque converter – 12 in (305 mm)
  • On-the-go electric 4WD control
  • Electric F/R shuttle control
  • Electric differential lock control, push-button
  • Park brake, spring-applied, hydraulic release – SAHR


  • Ground level remote hydraulic test ports
  • Variable displacement axial piston pump
  • Pump:
    • 41 gpm @ 3,000 psi
    • (156.2 L/min @ 207 bar)
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic oil cooler
  • 7-micron, spin on oil filter


  • Bucket position indicator
  • Lifting lugs on standard bucket
  • Single lever control with self-leveling and return-to-dig
  • Hand operated clutch disconnects on loader and shift levers, single lever 4-function loader control: lift, dump, clutch cut-out, differential lock and FNR switch


  • Over center design, Fabricated “S” boom
    • Pro Control System
    • Dipperstick integrated serrated gripper teeth
    • Case mechanical coupler
    • Power Lift, Power Boost


  • Front tire 12.5/80 x 18.0, 10-PR
  • Rear tire 21.0 L x 24.0, 10-PR
  • Forward tilt engine hood
  • Replaceable, molded front bumpers
  • Front/Rear tie downs
  • Reflective logos
  • Signal Lights – cab and canopy:
    • 2 rear tail /stop
    • 2 front flashers/turn
    • 2 rear flashers/turn
  • Working/Driving Lights – cab and canopy:
  • Adjustable halogen work lights – 55 W:
    • 4 front
    • 2 side – one left, one right
    • 4 rear
  • Master disconnect switch and remote jump-start terminals
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Backup alarm
  • Vertical spin-on engine oil, fuel and hydraulic filters


  • CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics – includes hardware and a 3-yr Advanced data subscription


  • Speed selectable Auto Ride Control
  • Comfort Steering with two-speed steering pump and 3rd/4th gear cutout
  • Deluxe Canopy with glass windshield, windshield wiper, windshield washer, floor mat, 85 dba sound level, two additional front lights, two additional rear lights and anti-vandalism cover
  • ROPS/FOFS certified protective cab available in LH Door or 2 door with heat, A/C, defroster, door activated dome light, 4 front, 4 rear and 2 adjustable side lights, tilt steering wheel, floor mat, tinted glass, radio ready, front and rear wiper and fender extensions
  • Deluxe Cab package with deluxe interior, viscous fan, pull-down sun visor and 72 dba sound level
  • Mechanical suspension seat with flip-up armrests, 180° swivel, adjustable seat and weight, backrest angle, lumbar and cushion angle – cab units cloth or vinyl, canopy units vinyl only
  • Air suspension seat with flip-up armrests, 180° swivel, electric height adjustment, adjustable back rest and lumbar and cushion angle – cab units cloth or vinyl, canopy units vinyl only
  • Heated seat option for vinyl and cloth Air suspension seats – cab units cloth or vinyl, canopy units vinyl only
  • Premium multi-color, hand stitched cloth, heated air suspension seat – not for use with ROPS Canopy option
  • Bluetooth Radio – Communication and Media streaming, Sirius XM satellite radio ready – does not include satellite antenna, AM/FM tuner, NOAA weatherband tuner, USB input and audio Aux-in
  • 3 in (75 mm) seat belt for mechanical and air suspension seat


  • Cold Weather Starting Aid: Dual 12 volt batteries, glow plugs, engine block heater and heated CCV hose
  • Severe Cold Weather Starting Aid: Synthetic transmission, hydraulic and engine oil – order with cold weather starting aid


  • Power Shuttle, 4F-4R Synchromesh transmission, manual gear shift, fully synchronized
  • PowerDrive H-Type transmission, 4F-4R hydraulic clutch shifting with auto function and direct drive


  • Auxiliary hydraulics for loader-mounted equipment with thumb-operated proportional control
  • Hydraulic front quick coupler
  • Tool portfolio of additional attachments
  • Buckets


  • 1-way Auxiliary backhoe hydraulics for hammers, plate compactors or similar 1-way flow attachments
  • 1-way/2-way Auxiliary backhoe hydraulics for hammers, plate compactors or similar 1-way flow attachments or switch to 2-way flow for thumbs, augers or similar 2-way flow attachments
  • Extendahoe®
  • Bolt-on hardened gripper teeth
  • Two-lever control – backhoe or Extendahoe®
  • Pilot operated control system
    • Fingertip proportional Electro-Hydraulic stabilizer controls
    • Thumb-operated proportional Electro-Hydraulic Extendahoe® control
    • Thumb-operated horn button
    • Thumb-operated auxiliary hydraulic control
    • Infinitely adjustable towers
    • In-cab switchable “excavator to backhoe” control pattern change
  • Hydraulic bucket quick coupler
  • Universal coupler – CAT/Deere compatible
  • Flip over stabilizer pads
  • Cemetery/Street pads
  • Buckets
  • Hydraulic thumb – Includes: 2 replaceable, high strength, bolt on tines with two positions for Universal or Hi-Cap buckets – meshes with Bucket teeth on 18 in & 24 in Buckets


  • Front tires: 12.5/80 x 18, 10 PR
  • Rear tires: 21 L x 24, 10 PR
  • Special paint
  • Tool box – bolt-on, step-mounted
  • Front counterweights: 700 lb and 1,100 lb (318 kg and 500 kg)
  • Rotating beacon
  • LED Working/Driving Light Package:
    • 4 front
    • 4 rear
    • 2 side
  • Chaff Screen – Additional fine mesh screen in front of standard grille
  • Locking DEF/Fuel covers
  • Front Fenders


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